Hybrids By The Hundred For Lewis Day

Hybrids By The Hundred For Lewis Day

Hylton Treisman, Fleet Director of Lewis Day

Hylton Treisman, Fleet Director of Lewis DayMore than 250 Toyota Prius for leading courier and passenger car services business

In the space of just four years, Lewis Day has built up one of the largest hybrid fleets in the country, numbering more than 250 Toyota Prius.

Prius’s ultra-low CO2 emissions first prompted the company, the UK’s fastest growing passenger car and courier business, to recruit the full hybrid model to its fleet in 2006, since when Toyota has become its leading car supplier. With business customers increasingly keen to use more environmentally efficient transport, demand for Prius has grown rapidly and is expected to continue to rise in the future.

The company’s policy is to renew its cars every three years and it has just replaced 100 Prius with the latest, third generation model. With more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions and delivering lower running costs, Prius is proving even more popular with fleet operators.

Lewis Day Fleet Director Hylton Treisman said, “We are keen to reduce our carbon impact so Prius’s low emissions were of particular interest to us. We have found it to be the most reliable vehicle on our fleet and, servicing aside, these cars rarely need any repairs.”

Lewis Day operates more than 1,800 vehicles and 17 offices nationwide, providing a wide range of transport services from despatch bikes and parcel vans to chauffeur driven cars and HGVs.