Good Times to Look for Used Cars in Glasgow

Good Times to Look for Used Cars in Glasgow


Currently the most popular used cars that are being sold in Glasgow are small cars with good fuel
economies. Given the current price of petrol and diesel this is hardly surprising, but it also means
that you can currently get hold of one of the less popular larger cars at a bargain price.

You might think that it is simply not worthy it as the running costs would be far too high, but if you
look at the figures you will find that is not the case. Let us do a comparison. You might decide to buy
one of the more economical Ford Focus models that return a fuel economy of 40 mpg or a large high
performance BMW with a fuel consumption of 20 mpg. For the sake of the argument let’s assume
that petrol costs £6.00 a gallon.

If in a typical year of motoring you drive 6,000 miles. For the BMW you will need to buy 300 gallons
of fuel and for the Ford Focus you will need 150 gallons. Thus the difference is 150 gallon which will
cost you £900. Now £900 is a lot of money, but assuming that the average used car in Glasgow costs
around £8,000 and will still depreciate at around 20% in the first year you own it, the additional cost
of the fuel becomes considerably less significant.

Naturally there are other considerations such as road tax and servicing to consider but when you
consider that in Glasgow you can purchase a beautiful three years old BMW 3 Series with just 50,000
miles on the clock for less than £10,000 (this is a car that cost over £30,000 just 3 years ago) it is
certainly worth thinking about.

If you still prefer smaller cars, you will still find that there are plenty to choose from and if you do
a lot of motoring in the city itself they might be somewhat easier to drive and park as the traffic in
Glasgow is showing no signs of reducing.