Don’t Put Yourself Under Pressure On Holiday

Don’t Put Yourself Under Pressure On Holiday


Record numbers of UK holiday-makers choosing to stay in Britain* could be putting their lives at risk with heavily-laden vehicles and underinflated tyres, warns Cooper Tire Europe.

That means the average family car will have to transport an additional 201kg** in passengers and luggage, compared to the typical ‘driver-only’ car journey.

Unfortunately, many do not realise they need to set their tyre pressures to compensate for the additional load being placed on the tyres, in order to reduce the risk of accidents and premature tyre wear.

Car manufacturers specify the tyre pressures needed for heavily-laden vehicles. To find the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure, check the tyre information placard label or handbook for your specific vehicle.

To compound the problem, research carried out by fitment centres selling Cooper tyres estimate that as many as 95 percent of motorists*** are already driving with tyres that are below the standard required pressure, which can result in tyre failure, increased braking distances, unpredictable handling and add to fuel bills****.

With overseas travel down by over 15 percent in 2009, it is anticipated that more holiday makers than ever will utilise the nation’s highways this summer.

“Apart from the potential danger to the occupants of the car, driving with underinflated tyres can land you with a fine and points on your licence,” explains Cooper Tire Europe managing director, Julian Baldwin.

“In addition to tyre failures resulting from underinflation, braking distances can also be greatly affected by underinflated tyres and even more so when combined with a car full to capacity with all the family and their luggage on board.”

Cooper Tire Europe urges motorists to check tyre pressures at least monthly and before long trips, and to refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook for the correct pressure when travelling fully laden.

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